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Nick Farr.

Coaching since 2005 | Consulting since 1999

Hey! I’m Nick. I have three ways that I can help you find and take your next step.

Spiritual Life Coaching
Since 2005, I’ve helped groups and individuals go deeper in their relationship with God. I know what it’s like to try your best to become closer to God, only to feel even further away. Scripture is meant to be understood and practically applied. I’m a firm believer in taking unchanging truths and speaking them in today’s culture. Growing closer to God takes more than creating a specialized “religious” to-do list or extended (the type where you fall asleep) prayer sessions. 

God wants us to find him. He wants us to have an amazing relationship with him. The key isn’t to try harder, it’s to internalize who are in Him. 

Life Coaching
Don’t want spiritual coaching? That’s perfectly ok! While I’m a pastor, I’ve worked with individuals and non-religious clients for 10 years. I’ve helped mortgage brokers, information technology directors, fire fighters, policemen, government employees, and many more. My coaching doesn’t have to include a spiritual component. I don’t pressure, suggest, or interject those elements unless asked. 

Since 1999, I have helped local and international brands take their branding, marketing, and customer service to the next level. I’m a “Creative” by nature and helping you engage your market better is exhilarating. My many years as a professional graphic designer and communications director, I understand and see the systems needed to think outside of the box to get your message focused and ready to engage your clients. 


been in the creative and consulting space for 20+ years. I specialize in three areas to help you supercharge your idea in a full-time business. It doesn’t happen overnight, but by focusing on these strategic areas, we can get there together!

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